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"I've studied successful people for forty years, and though the diversity you find among them is astounding, I've found that they are all alike in one way: how they think." John C. Maxwell, How Successful People Think
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"Self-esteem is the result, not the cause, of 'success' (however one personally defines that term). Or more accurately, the result of the mindset and the process that led to such 'success'." Martin Kaye, Self Esteem Mastery
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"Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it." Dr Wayne Dyer
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"There is no point living another person's life, even if you are successful at it, your life will still be unfulfilled because you didn't follow your course." Jide Adeniba, You Can Have It If You Really Want It
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"There is need to unlock the untapped potentials in your mind, if you really want to be highly successful." Greg Adenauer, Abundance
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"Having and maintaining a highly intelligent to-do list is vital to one's success and is a habit most successful people live by." Jacob Reimer, Entrepreneurship
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"Some of the most practical success-building wisdom is found in that Biblical quotation stating that faith can move mountains. Believe, really believe, you can move a mountain and you can." David J. Schwartz. Ph. D., from The Magic of Thinking Big
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"So to be paid more money in your work, you need to add more value to the world. And the best way to begin adding value to the world is to start becoming a more valuable person. Acquire skills no one else has. Read books no one else is reading." Robin Sharma, Who Will Cry When You Die?
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"Just like a typical road, one road may cross paths with another or some may just lead to so many twists and turns. The roads to success are not one and the same." Aji R Michael, The Next Maverick
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"I firmly believe that we sometimes limit our own success simply because we are holding on to resentment, spending energy on wishing someone or something would change in our lives." Lisa Kardos, Optimize for Victory
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The Road To Success
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"Consistency is the fruit of the tree of success. The more you do something effectively and with a goal in mind, the better you will get at it and the more you will feel fulfilled." Dan O'Brien, How To Make Money When No One Else Is
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"Too often we fail to properly celebrate our successes, while never missing an opportunity to beat ourselves up if we have failed to do something we set out to do." Julie Lewthwaite, S. J. Miscandlon, Getting Things Done in Business
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"Success without happiness is an aberration. It can hardly be defined as success at all." Michal Stawicki, Simplify Your Pursuit of Success
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"Never give up, and you will find that your success is just around that corner." Batya Shevich, Warren Buffett: To Be Rich And Successful Is Easy!
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"A balanced team; physically and mentally is a successful team." Phil Moody, Management
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"If your idea solves a problem that hasn't been solved yet or you find a way to make it better then you are on your way to success. That said, you don't have to find a brand new solution to be highly successful." Daniel da Silva Lay, From Idea to Launch
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"You can 'grow yourself' by reminding yourself of past successes." Amy Kay Watson, Working with Stress and Fear
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"Successful people make no effort to control what they cannot change and invest their time and effort on things that they can affect, influence, and control." Angel Greene, Self Help: Golden Nuggets for High Performers for Next Level Success
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"Many of us worry about wasting our time trying something, which could fail, but if you have faith and good intentions, even failures can actually be a success." Scarlett Johnson, 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Timeless Wisdom From The Life Of Mother Teresa
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"Success and strength and power and whatever other buzz words you want to attach to yourself will seek you out like a balloon to staticky hair once you're confident and happy." Chelsea Flagg, I'd Rather Wear Pajamas
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"Successful people always define goals which is clear and concise. While setting a goal it is very important to set a goal which motivates you." Jack Clinton, Keep Calm and Stay Productive
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"You may not have really sat down and thought about it, but successful businesses are successful because they allow the input of staff in the organization of procedures within that workplace." Dane Taylor, Time Management
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"All successful organizations and businesses need effective leaders. The leadership of effective and well trained leaders is paramount to providing an agreed upon goal for the company's success." Alex Langer, Effective Leadership
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The change management exercise can be called a success when the new culture is seen as the new corporate culture. Max Cesar King, Make Winners!
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I know what a lot of people think politicians, CEO's and every other successful person has gained their position through money. However, wealth doesn't guarantee success. Keith Boyer; Matt Riley, Psychology and The Art of Persuasion Box Set
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Just as a student in school needs to listen and apply wisdom to what he or she has learned in order to excel both in the school and in their career; you have to apply the truth of God's Words to your life and situation to achieve success. Jimi Akanbi, The Power of Grace, Favor and Honor
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Many people enjoy their jobs and work hard to achieve all the goals set by their bosses, and when the job is well done, they want their achievements to be recognized as success. Andy Stone, Management: 25 Strategies to Manage Teams, Lead Effectively, and Build Trust In Your Teams
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Success is a mindset. Let's learn how to create a positive one. Beau Norton, Manifesting Abundance
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Moral luck is no doubt a thought-provoking concept and can serve as a reminder that success and failure often depends on factors beyond our own control. Oyvind Kvalnes, Moral Reasoning at Work
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Some people may define success as having a huge house and luxurious cars, while others may define the true meaning of success as having a life full of joy and happiness with their loved ones or families. Nicole Smith, Success: How to Become Successful in Life, Effective Steps to Success
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External motivation is when other people encourage and support you to success. Sarah Devnil, Build Healthy Habits For Fun And Profit
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Failures are normal events in your life so never focus on them. If you keep thinking about, it would have a hampering effect not only on your mind but also on your actions, strategies and plans towards a successful life. Kellie Sullivan, Confidence: 5O Cool Ways To Express Yourself Daringly, Embrace Vulnerability While Being Kind To Yourself
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Being rich and successful always starts with your mindset. William Scaec, How to Get Rich
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When people are committed to excellence the manager has more power to achieve recognition and success. Suresh Basandra, Management and Leadership Questions and Answers
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If you're able to connect with the values and beliefs of others, with the intent to bring a positive outcome, you’ll have great success in bringing about change. Khalid Imran, Leadership: Mastering Leadership Skills
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The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is how they deal with failure. John Allen, Career Change: How To Conquer The Fear Of Failing
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In addition, when a person holds himself in high regard, he is willing to accept the challenge of “rising up to success” or being the best he can be and being the person he really, really wants to become. Dorothy Wehunt, Rise Up to Yourself: Greater Success Awaits
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Wall Art
"Success is measured by the obstacles one has overcome."
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If you have more inspiration in the middle of the night than you do in the middle of the day, then there’s nothing to stop you from working when the rest of the people are sleeping. Get used to think out of the box if you want to be successful in your life. Lucas Bailly, Self Improvement: Improve Yourself Everyday Of Your Life And Take Your Self Development To The Next Level
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